Tilting at Stonehenge, Worshiping at Windmills 7-18-10


All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors 3

History is a lot like a high school football game: hundreds of people attend so lots of peripheral stuff probably happens but only the score will ever be remembered a thousand years from now. And who got pregnant under the south bleachers.

The prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in England is a good example. Sure, it has sundry astronomical correlations, is acoustically super-groovy, and has a lot of anthropologists and geologists all hot and bothered but all this really yields us are some interesting theories.stonehenge easter island toes

There’s the spooky ritual sacrifice theory, popular among teenagers at Halloween and those who don’t completely understand the Druid religions. There’s the aliens theory, which involves a landing site made out of stones or some sort of signaling device that tells the Greys and other slimy things where to go and what to do with themselves. There might stonehenge alien greybe blood-lettings involved there, too…

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