Is Mecca the centre of the world?

My Mute Monologue

First of all let me clarify this, it is not easy to just stating that somewhere is the centre of the earth, because the earth is sphere in shape, just like a ball. Where is the centre of a ball? It should be in the centre, inner part of the ball, I assume.

The Map

Then, looking at the map that humans draw, because it is flat, maybe we can approximately figure it out where the centre should be. There many claims for this, some say Mecca, some say Jerusalem, some say Aral Sea and even Venice in Italy.

The Muslims were the first people to draw the map of the world. They drew the map with the south facing upwards and north downwards. The Kaaba was at the centre. Later, western cartographers drew the map upside down with the north facing upwards and south downwards. Yet, Alhamdullilah the Kaaba…

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