#no #PlacesIveHadSex

Daniel is funny


iRejectSlimHoes : #placesivehadsex the quarters, campus edge, campus crossings, bridgeway, beau chenes, eagle run, university house, legacy park n stokes

BellaNikki_ : some ppl klearly have no morals . #placesivehadsex**

_misskeishababy : O_o RT @xVinniValaVichi#placesivehadsex millbrook high school ;; hope my teachers dnt see this

TISA_mostDope : how many dumb people are actually going to expose themselves with ” #placesivehadsex ”

BabyDoll_Turace laughn at dese ppl tweets 4 da topic #placesivehadsex lolz sum thngs need ta b kept private

bellaxotika : #placesivehadsex macy’s fitting room :-/

a_playa  : #placesivehadsex where ever Tay took me , he always blindfolded me. ._.


If you’ve read anything that I’ve ever written, than you know that Twitter could be labeled “legally disabled.” It’s so full of idiots that I’m amazed it hasn’t come alive and protested an abortion clinic yet.  It…

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