Best Picture Nominee – Arrival


:Sci-Fi :

When 12 alien spacecraft land on Earth, U.S. officials ask linguistics professor Louise Banks to team with theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly and learn how to communicate with the visitors. While Louise races to learn the aliens’ language, uneasy governments around the globe debate the advisability of military action.

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi.

Director : Denis Villeneuve ( Denis)

Stars : Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner,
Forest Whittaker


Release Date : 11 November, 2016

Ratings :
On Release :
IMDB – 8.8/10 (99th rank)
Metacritic – 81
Roger Ebert – 3/4

Post Nomination :
IMDB – 8.2/10 (155th rank)
30.1.2017 = 156
Metacritic – 81
Rottentomatoes :

19 Feb, 2017 Rank – 219th

Budget : $47 million
Gross : $100 million +
Up on Release : $24 million
Post Oscar Nomination : $95 million

Oscar Nominations :: (8)

Best Picture
Director : Denis Villeneuve
Adapted Screenplay ✔
Best Cinematography : Bradford Young
Film Editing
Production Design
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing

(✔ Predicted  Win)

Snubs:                                                           Best Actress : Amy Adams
Visual Effects
Original Score : Johann Johansson

BAFTA 2017 wins :
Best Sound

Heptapod by Johan Johannsson Heptapod

Trivia & Comments :

Denis Villeneuve abandoned his interest in science to pursue his love of filmmaking. He then studied film at Université du Québec à Montréal.

‘Arrival’ is based on Ted Chiang’s short story “Story of Your Life.”

Villeneuve has worked with Roger Deakins on ‘Sicario,’ ‘Prisoners,’ and the upcoming ‘Blade Runner 2049.’

Amy Adams didn’t get Best Actress nom, although getting recognized by other precursors Golden Globes, SAG, BAFTA, Critics.


Amy Adams and the circular alien language of ‘Arrival.’
Paramount Pictures

‘Arrival’ saw the birth of an alien language.

The circular patterns originated in Eric Heisserer’s early drafts of the screenplay. “I drew something for my wife (TV writer/producer Christine Boylan) to show her what I was thinking of, to see if I could get her to come up with a different metaphor, and her decision was ‘Just put that in the script,’ ” he says. “The idea that blotches were where the words and phrases were nested” was refined in the inky moving masses designed by artist Martine Bertrand.

Arrival score

Arrival Score

Movie Reviews :

Amy Adams deserved the Oscar nom, Some says Ruth Negga was nominated over Amy.

French Canadian Director Denis Villeneuve  

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker star in this film about communicating with aliens. Don’t rule it out based on that premise, though — Arrival is a breathtaking film about language and how we address each other.

Arrival VFX (Visual Effects) :

ARRIVAL Movie Visual Effects

Arrival Movie ending explained :

ARRIVAL ending


The revelation here is Villeneuve, who expands on the symphonic pacing showcased last year in the drug war drama Sicario. Even though the concept of Arrival is far-out fiction, Villeneuve treats it with no less detail or urgency.

The best film of the year to date, ambitious in conception and extraordinary in execution, has arrived.
Learning Heptapodese seems easy compared to the tough talks Americans need to have with each other.

Those expecting a whiz-bang film should be prepared for a more cerebral and emotional experience, admirable for its ambition and tone, if not wholly satisfying in its payoff.

The alien subgenre of sci-fi movies is a crowded and often predictable one, but director Denis Villeneuve has a lot more in mind.

Post Nominations :

Pros: While Amy Adams was snubbed for best actress, her powerful performance fuels a thought-provoking exploration that garnered eight nominations (tied for second-most in the entire field).
Cons: No sci-fi movie has ever won best picture, so history isn’t on its side. Plus, it hasn’t been a front-runner at any point this awards season.

Arrival –  I loves me some great sci-fi.  I loves me some Amy Adams.  I loves me some Jeremy Renner.  I just didn’t love spending what seemed like eight hours slaving to decode some language with little or no payoff in the end.  It felt too much like my real job.

It’s a shame, though, that the Academy completely overlooked the single best actress of 2016: Amy Adams. She was flawless in two radically different roles in two radically different movies: the sadly reflective linguist in Arrival and the glam but glum art dealer reading her way to ever deeper misery in Nocturnal Animals.
Positive :

” Best Film of the Year”

” Thought Provoking, questioning about ourself and humanity.”

And that score, Heptapod is mind-blowing.
A Perfect fillup for the lineup/ followup for the ‘Sci-Fi’ of the years, which Alfonso Kuron started /pioneered.

*Sci-fi follow up::

1. Gravity(2013) – 8/10
2. Interstellar(2014) – 8/10
3. The Martian(2015) – 7.8/10
4. Arrival (2016) – 9/10

Arrival is the 2nd sci-fi follow to receive a Screenplay Nomination.
The Martian (Adapted from a Book)
Arrival (Adapted from a Short film ).

Both, Gravity and Interstellar lacked originality in Screenplays. They were original, but lacked a depth in a screenplay it requires. And it’s not easy to get a Oscar nom(ask Adams).

Arrival was deemed to get a acting nom, but the Academy snubbed her over Ruth Negga (Loving) or it might be over Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins).
If nominated, she would’ve been the 3rd Actor to get a Acting Nomination from the ‘Sci-Fi Followup’ Movies.

First being the pioneer herself and the movie, was Sandra Bullock and her movie Gravity ..
1. Sandra Bullock – Gravity (2013) nominated for Best Actress in 2014
(& probably the runner-up)

2. Matt Damon – The Martian.
nominated for Best Actor in 2016.

Interstellar didn’t get a Acting nom.

Movie Reviews, Nominations Review & Post Awards Reviews :

Deserved a Best Actress nom for fantastic Amy Adams.


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