Best Picture Nominee : Fences



Troy Maxson, a former star player in the Negro Leagues, lives with his wife Rose and teenage son Cory in Pittsburgh in 1957. Troy is bitter about missing the integration of professional baseball, and his caustic attitudes toward life and race relations taint his relationship with Cory, an aspiring football player.
Genre : Drama

Director : Denzel Washington

Stars : Denzel Washington, Viola Davis

Release Date : 25 December , 2016

Ratings :
On Release :
IMDB – 7.8/10
Metacritic – 80
Roger Ebert – 4/4

Post Nomination :
IMDB – 7.5/10
Metacritic – 79
Rottentomatoes :

Budget : $24 million
Gross : $54 million

Oscar Nominations :(4)

Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Adapted Screenplay

Golden Globes win: (1)  

Best Supp Actress : Viola Davis

SAG wins :(2)

Best Actor- Denzel Washington

Best Supporting Actress – Viola Davis

Bafta wins :
Best Supporting Actress – Viola Davis

Trivia & Comments ::

Having already won an Emmy and a Tony, an Oscar win for Davis would put her one step away from the coveted EGOT, needing only a Grammy to complete the showbiz grand slam. Does she sing? Answer: “Cannot predict now.”

Another fun fact: Both Denzel Washington and Viola Davis won Tony Awards for their starring roles in ‘Fences’ on Broadway.

August Wilson made a spiritual cameo appearance in ‘Fences.’

Director and star Denzel Washington firmly believes that Fences playwright (who died in 2005) quietly appeared in the movie adaptation. While shooting the emotional ending, the yard’s gate unexpectedly swung shut. “I just felt, ‘Wow!’ People were like, ‘Did you put a string on it?’ ”  Washington says. “No, it was just August wanting to be here.”

Both Denzel Washington and Viola Davis took home Best Performance Tony Awards.

Davis won the Emmy in 2015 for in “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Review :

I act, and he has given us a classy piece of work.
Fences is a filmed play that never seems anything else: a yatter of life of death, directed by Denzel Washington from August Wilson’s Pulitzer-winning 1983 play.

Viola was criticised for her slot performance (which is common in her movies)

Washington  is customarily magnetic, but this is Davis’ film.

The great coup Washington delivers, beyond framing his co-star’s virtuous anguish so well, is the risky, brilliant, and frequently alienating performance he gives as Troy.
Seriously 4 Oscar Noms.? Doesn’t required. It should’ve nominated only for best actor and supporting actress only.From A Streetcar Named Desire to Les Miserables, bringing a stage play to life on the big screen is a very hit-or-miss genre to tackle. Never having seen the play Fences, nor even hearing about it until 2016 upon the film’s release, I had little to no expectations when going into this film. Take an adaptation like Les Miserables for example. Yes, of course it had the staged feel to it, but it was not afraid to change locations on a whim. With this film adaptation of the play Fences, it very much feels like a big-budgeted play, playing out scene for scene on on the big screen. Does Denzel Washington direct this film well? Do his and Viola Davis’ performances hold the film together? Here are my thoughts on Fences. This is as simple as you can get. Telling a story with 90% of it taking place at a house, whether it’s inside or out, seems to be a boring notion on the surface.


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