Best Picture Nominee : Hell or High Water

#Hell or High Water 

Toby and his ex-con brother Tanner rob branches of a West Texas bank to obtain enough money to prevent the foreclosure of their family ranch. Crafty Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton is soon on the case, his last before he retires, and as Marcus zeroes in on them, the brothers attempt one last score.

Director : David Mackenzie

Stars : Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben

Release Date : 26 August, 2016

Budget : $12 million (estimated)
Gross : $27 million

Ratings :
On Release : 8/10
IMDB – 7.7
RANK – 92
Roger Ebert – 2.5/4
Metacritic – 88%

Post Nomination :
IMDB -7.7/10
RANK – 107

Oscar Nominations : (4)
Best Picture

Best Supp. Actor : Jeff Bridges

Original Screenplay : Taylor Sheridan
Film Editing

Snubs :
Best Director : David MacKenzie
Best Supp. Actor : Ben Foster

No BAFTA 2017 wins.

Trivia & Comments :

Although set in Texas, the film was shot primarily in New Mexico.

Jeff Bridges, left, with co-star Gil Birmingham, had proper Texas Ranger training for ‘Hell or High Water.’

Jeff Bridges learned from a legendary Texas Ranger for ‘Hell or High Water.’

Bridges got real-life guidance in prepping for his Oscar-nominated role. The actor worked closely with Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson, who wrote his memoir One Ranger in 2005 and died in 2016, just before the film’s release. Bridges calls Jackson “one of the greatest Texas Rangers ever” and modeled his Marcus after him, from his walk to his demeanor. “He’d make little adjustments, too, right down to where the badge is placed over the left pocket.”

Movie Reviews :

Critics Consensus: Hell or High Water offers a solidly crafted, well-acted Western heist thriller that eschews mindless gunplay in favor of confident pacing and full-bodied characters.

Hell or High Water offers a solidly crafted, well-acted Western heist thriller that eschews mindless gunplay in favor of confident pacing and full-bodied characters.

The thing that separates this film from all of the others is that it is entertaining.  All of the other nominated films say important things and have a high degree of artistry in them.  However, a film that can do those things PLUS be highly entertaining will always win out with me.

Just as it taps into a dying corner of American society, Hell or High Water resurrects the power of western mayhem done right.

This neo-Western works splendidly as a self-contained tale of loyalty, loss and redemption, with polished turns from a smoldering Chris Pine and spunky Ben Foster.

All of the performers in this film, right down to the bit players, are quite good, but Bridges demonstrates yet again that he is one of the finest actors in America.

From a purely narrative perspective, there’s nothing new here but like a new arrangement of a familiar tune, the slight changes make it fresh and enjoyable.

Hell or High Water isn’t just a great time at the movies, it’s one of the year’s best pictures.

Scenic, well-paced and rich in dialogue and character, the film is Coen brothers for the squares, and maybe the best middle-of-the-seat drama of the summer.


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